• Aktivitäten - Turmbau
    • Aktivitäten - Pädagogik & Tanz
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    Camps in Salzburg offer great fun and adventure for students and teachers. Our rich programme includes short trips but also 7 days trips. We offer various packages. Just contact us to find out more. We would love to plan your very own individual adventure week!

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    • Jugendhotel Oberwimm - Beachvolleyballplatz
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    Our language weeks are conducted in cooperation with Berlitz, a famous language school. Native speakers of the particular language you want to acquire will teach you every morning. After lunch you can pick and choose exciting activities.

    • Aktivitäten - Flyingmozart
    • Aktivitäten - Slopestylecamp
    • Aktivitäten - Winterverleih
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    Our speciality is skiing courses for schools. We offer everything, from renting skiing equipment to organising our evening and alternative programme. Also ask for subvention.

    • Bergsport-Aktivitäten: Hochseilgarten
    • Wassersport-Aktivitäten: Flossbau
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    Summer camps- the highlight of every school year. Challenge your bravery in our mountain bike park, on the action scooter, at rafting or climbing… You can really look forward to!