What are packages?

Packages include everything you need for a great camp. Accommodation, All- inclusive catering, activities and courses with coaches and equipment, the necessary transfer between hotel and locations, all fares and of course the organisation and planning of your week. Our top five staff members create for their class/group individual timetables with equipment lists so that there are no bad surprises and a straight schedule line.

How do I book a package?

  1. Every class/group chooses one or more packages
  2. Every student/participant gets a list of choices. Every student picks individually his favourite activities. The teacher/advisor or top five office types the data of the students into our online assistant.
  3. The top five youth hotels organise and plan your week from A-Z. Already in advance you will get an exact timetable.
  4. At the end of the week every participant gets his own individual bill.

An example of a summer camp:

  1. The class/group decides on one or more package (depending on the class/group budget)
  2. Every student/participant picks his/her own individual sport activities. In advance you can get information on the Internet about all kinds of sports. In advance you let us know about your choices.
  3. We organise your activities. We divide you into groups, create timetables and lists, etc.
  4. Together with your teachers/advisors we also organise your evening program
  5. During the week we are there to avoid trouble e.g. organise an alternative program for bad weather etc.
  6. Every participant gets his own individual bill